My Perfect Morning with Under the Canopy

One of my favorite things is to be wrapped up in a cozy robe in the mornings. I like my mornings to go slowly, to allow my mind and body to awaken at a comfortable pace to get ready for the day. I savor those unhurried sunrise hours to make my day awesome! Here are my top tips to relax and wake up the right way.

Under the Canopy Robe

1. Put on something cozy. And I don't mean stay in your pajamas. Pajamas mean sleep. Enter this Under the Canopy organic cotton robe. It's the perfect wrap while waking up. What's better is that the material used by Under the Canopy are all organic and fair-trade. Eco friendly items are abundant in my home, from cleaning materials to cotton hand towels instead of paper towels. 

2. Get your morning mood going with a playlist. Check out my Grooveshark playlist here, no download required to listen.

3. Drink water. It's been proven that drinking water after you wake helps activate your organs. It's easy to forget about water but it's just as easy to get dehydrated throughout the day. Start it off right with some H20. 

Under the Canopy Robe

4. Make a pot of tea and cook a breakfast. I have this ritual of making tea for myself nearly every day. Tea is so healthy for you, and one of my favorite aromas in the world is a hot and fresh cup of tea, my favorite being an Earl Grey or Darjeeling. 

5. Do something you enjoy that is not work or school related. Fight the urge to check your emails. Instead, finish the last couple chapters of a book or take a walk around your neighborhood.

Under the Canopy Robe

With the holidays around the corner, the robe I'm wearing is a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. It's ethically made and sewn with organic fibers, so spreading the good can't get any easier! Shop it here. 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Under the Canopy.