Genmaicha Tea

Welcome to the second installment of TEASDAY! Are you a freak about tea as much as I am? Hope to turn you into one. Today we're discussing a Japanese green tea called Genmaicha.

Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea

Type: Green tea

Ingredients: Green tea, brown rice

Temperature: 167 degrees Farenheit (well below boiling, green tea is more sensitive than black tea)

Infusion: 2 minutes (2-3 minutes recommended)

Brewing: Teapot

Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea

Genmaicha tea is made of green tea and roasted rice. It has a naturally savory and toasty flavor, and goes well with breakfast foods as well as seafood. The infused tea has a very light color, almost clear. It also makes an excellent iced tea, for hot summer days, making it a great alternative to sodas and iced coffee. 

Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea

Pictured above are the dry Genmaicha tea leaves. This tea is sometimes called "popcorn tea" because the rice pops during the process of making Genmaicha.

Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea

Le Palais des Thes "Genmaicha" tea, Teapot from Alice's Tea Cup, Cups from Le Palais des Thes, Small cup from Housing Works Thrift Store