Earl Grey Tea

WELCOME TO TEASDAY, a new series at Who is Apneet? I am quite the tea expert with over a year's worth of experience working with tea. I love tea and things that look like they belonged to grandmas (see my teapot). I thought it a shame there was no representation of this on my blog. Each week I'll be sharing my tasting notes with you on my favorite teas, so I hope you enjoy this first installment. 

Le Palais des Thes "The des Lords" Earl Grey tea

Earl Grey is my favorite tea on the fucking planet, followed closely by Japanese green teas and then Darjeelings (which I will get to). Earl Grey is traditionally made with a black tea base, and bergamot (Italian citrus) oil. However, this Earl Grey (Thé des Lords from Le Palais des Thés) also blends safflower petals. I’ve been drinking this particular blend for about a year now. I was so excited to discover this successful Earl Grey because in the past, every other Earl Grey I've tried has tasted like soap (eww, David’s Tea). 

Le Palais des Thes "The des Lords" tea and vintage pot and cups

Type: Black tea blend

Ingredients: Black tea, bergamot, safflower

Temperature: 200 degrees Farenheit (slightly below boiling)

Infusion: 4 minutes (3-5 minutes recommended)

Brewing: Teapot

The black tea balances brilliantly with the citrus. I like my tea right at 4 minutes, it's not too strong or too light. There are other Earl Grey blends out there with flowers or berries added in but, for myself, this is the most quintessential Earl Grey.

Le Palais des Thes "The des Lords" tea and vintage pot and cups

I bought my teacups and saucers at Housing Works Thrift Store on the Upper West Side. I love mixing and matching, so I used my teapot that I bought in Greenport. It’s a total granny pot, the frontside features a painted note, “Tea is like love, it’s warming." Cool.