Monk's Tea

Type: Green and black tea blend

Listed Ingredients: Black tea, green tea, vanilla pods

My Hunch: Grenadine, possibly bergamot

Temperature: 200 degrees Farenheit (slightly below boiling)

Infusion: 3 minutes 

Brewing: Teapot

Palais des Thes "Thes des Moines" tea
Palais des Thes "Thes des Moines" tea
Palais des Thes "Thes des Moines" tea

Le Palais des Thés "Thés des Moines" tea

Traditionally, Monk's tea is a recipe that marries black tea with vanilla and grenadine. Just like an "Earl Grey" (black tea + bergamot), Monk's tea can have variations from the base recipe. Although Le Palais des Thés' recipe is secret, I see some flowers in the dry leaves and am guessing they are calendula. I also taste some bergamot, but it is not listed as an ingredient.

This particular blend mixes black tea together with green tea for a unique tea base. The other flavors are extremely well balanced and make a beautiful cup of a twist on Monk's tea. The taste is a little floral, with a hint of sharp citrus, and a slight sweetness.