My Own Space

Maybe you guys have seen my new place on Instagram already. I'm just about finished moving in and unpacking. I realize I have A LOT of downsizing to do now that I'm living solo-lone-wolf-style in a studio apartment. Though I'm giving up space, I'm gaining so much style. My apartment has beautiful hardwood floors, exposed brick, and even though it is a studio, there is a separate kitchen and decent closet space. With this in mind, design is going to be crucial so that it feels like a home rather than a glorified dorm room. I'm excited to decorate to my own tastes. For the first time I truly have a place to call my home. 

I'm thinking I'll have to find multi-functional pieces like a futon or small sofa bed that could double as a bed and seating. Giving up a real bed sounds like a pain, but I think it would just make the space so much more inviting. I can't imagine coming home to my single-room apartment with a gigantic bed as the focal point of the space. My desk is quite large and I'm planning on using it to moonlight as a dinner table as well. Perhaps I can swap out my laptop for a centerpiece and throw a pretty tablecloth over it.

Below, find photos from my current inspiration board for home styling on Pinterest. If you have any ideas or links to helpful articles on small space decorating go ahead and tweet me! It would be much appreciated. 

home inspiration
home inspiration
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