July in Brooklyn

July Instagrams

I woke up today and realized it was August. Seriously, where has the year gone? It feels like NYE was just yesterday... Since time seems to be moving faster than a speeding bullet, I thought I might share some cool things that happened in July.  Images grabbed from my Instagram. U follow me?

July Instagrams

Esteban and I signed our first lease together. We are thrilled to have our own pad with the pug. After one too many craigslist-killer-random-roommate scenarios, it's finally a place to call home.


My campaign with Element Eden Australia went live! Click here to see the blog posts.

July Instagrams

I teamed up with BH Cosmetics to bring you a blog post with 5 lipstick options from their Creme Luxe Lipstick collection. We shot most of the series in my backyard. I love the greenery.


Bushwick, where you can buy 24 oz. cans of beer for $1. #CrazyStallion