How to Make Iced Tea

Summer is just around the corner y'allzzz, I'm here to share a recipe for the perfect up of iced tea every time. Cold brewing IMHO is a much better preparation than making a hot tea concentrate and adding cold water. Its's so simple to make iced tea - I'll be drinking it all summer long.

Today I iced some JASMINE TEA! If you love hot jasmine tea you'll be jazzed to find out that it is so refreshing as a cold beverage! Making iced tea is super simple.

How to make Iced Tea (Jasmine)

What you will need:

1. Pitcher

2. Loose tea

3. Loose tea filters

4. Water

How to make Iced Tea (Jasmine)
How to make Iced Tea (Jasmine)

How to make iced green tea:

1. Use one teaspoon per 6-8 ounce cup. (My glass bottle holds 6 cups so I used 6 teaspoons). 

2. Fill the bottle (or pitcher) with room temperature water. 

3. For green tea, let the leaves infuse for 30 minutes. For black tea, let the leave infuse for one hour.

4. Pull the leaves out and refrigerate the tea. 

5. That's all! Drink it when it's nice and cool.

6. If you want to be extra awesome you can make ice cubes out of the iced tea you are making. That way you don't dilute the iced tea with regular ice cubes. But do this only if you want to be awesome! 

How to make Iced Tea (Jasmine)

The dry leaves, "Dragon Pearl Jasmine" tea from Harney & Sons