Glamour Dolls Makeup

I recently got to try our some fun new makeup from newly-launched cosmetics line GLAMOUR DOLLS MAKEUP! Before I start with the technical details, let me just give you a few quick points on why I'm smitten with GDM (after the jump):

Who is Apneet for Glamour Dolls Makeup
Glamour Dolls Makeup is cruelty free
  • Affordability - each item is below $5! ("Lip Cream" aka lipstick starts at $2.99)
  • All of the shades are very fun, a "pop of color for your face", if you will. There are a handful of darker and nude shades, but the specialty with this collection is all bright and punchy pinks and warm shades.
  • The packaging is super duper cute! One of my favorites is this "Kitty Kisses" tinted lip balm.
  • Glamour Dolls Makeup does not do animal testing and is cruelty free!

The Dolls Gone Wild Lip Cream looks very bright in the tube, almost like a hot pink, but it applied as a very sheer and pale nude on my darker lips. For lighter skin tones I think you would definitely get a pink hue coming through, but I prefer this nude touch just fine, pictured below:

Dolls Gone Wild Lip Cream by Glamour Dolls Makeup

Founder Jessica also sent a personal note to try the the Juicy Melons Lip Cream with Wildflower Lip Gloss because it would be the perfect compliment for my skin tone. Jess would know, she's a makeup artist. I applied her recommendation, and I love it! 

Glamour Dolls Makeup

I love a good plum lipstick, and Glamour Dolls has a Lip Cream called Karma - a deep hue perfect for Fall. 

Glamour Dolls Makeup

Now, on to the Gloss Snob series. The Gloss Snob tubes are highly pigmented so I would wear them alone, over some lip balm, of course. The Kitty Kisses lip balm I tried was in Dark Plum. It is very sheer and moisturizing, so it actually just matches and accentuates the darker color of my natural lips! Here is the Plastic Heart Gloss Snob layered on top: 

Glamour Dolls Makeup

Here are some digital shots to give you a more accurate portrayal of what the shades loo like on me:

The Bottom Line

Glamour Dolls Makeup is a great line to try out if you're on a budget or simply want to try some bold color makeup. I say give it a go, because the cost-to-wear ratio is majorly worth it, and come on, who doesn't love trying out new makeup looks? I'd also recommend GDM for a younger crowd, maybe as a holiday gift for a teenager who is just starting out with makeup. After all, GDM is for the "young and young at heart."

Photographed by Scott Brasher, Powered by Brand Backer