Chocolate Chai from Alice's Tea Cup

Chocolate Chai tea dry leaves

Type: Black tea blend

Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, vanilla, chocolate

Temperature: 200 degrees Farenheit (just below boiling)

Infusion: 4 minutes (4-6 minutes recommended)

Brewing: Teapot

To the right are the dry leaves before preparation.

Alice's Tea Cup is one of my favorite places to buy tea. The restaurant offers full tea service, in addition to tasty scones, lunch dishes, even burgers. When I visit I try a new tea every time, and if I like it, I take home some loose leaves from their shop. 

Chocolate Chai tea

Chai is a traditional Indian tea recipe made of black tea and spices. In India (and in my mother's kitchen), it is typically brewed in boiling milk. However, I brewed the Chai as any normal black tea in water first. Above is a photo of the dark color of the plain tea. 

Chai tea with milk and sugar

A proper cup of Chai wouldn't be Chai without milk and sugar. That is the way it is drunk in India. I substituted Agave for sweetener, and Rice milk for cow's milk.

The chocolate chai from Alice's Tea Cup is so well balanced. The black tea base really lets the spices come through. I taste the clove and cardamom, and it brings me back to mornings when my mother would serve chai to my brother and I before school.