Schoolgirl Twist

Well well well, the summer has absolutely flown by! I'm back in school and ready to tackle my senior year. It's been a long haul, dropping out, changing schools, changing majors, but I'm finally near the end. HOORAH! I wore this look on one of my last days off, hanging out with Jamal in Bushwick. We went to my favorite coffee shop, Lil Skip's, and moseyed around taking the the street art that our neighborhood has to offer. Check out his bog in the near future for a colorful display of street paint. I was just as colorful in my skirt by Zara Terez.. it kind of reminds me of speckled eggs during Easter. Check it out here, it's called the Glitter Mirror skirt!

black asphalt top, zara terez skirt
Black Asphalt top, Zara Terez skirt, PF Flyers sneakers
Black Asphalt top, Zara Terez skirt, PF Flyers sneakers

Black Asphlt "Signature Logo" crop top, Zara Terez "Glitter Mirror" skater skirt, Levi's denim jacket (I know, when will I take it off), Stance socks, PF Flyers sneakers, Miss Gussto bag

In other news my friends at Black Asphlt have launched their urban streetwear collection! I got to test out this little baby crop top, it's so soft and super cute. Black Asphlt is a New York City brand through and through, taking inspiration from hip hop, skateboarding, punk and rock lifestyles. Didn't think you could marry those subcultures? Think again. We are all here in concert  in this urban playground, so why not play together? 

Photographed by Style Society Guy!