Steal My Favorite Drugstore Beauty Items

Check out my top beauty picks from the drugstore, tested and approved by my face!

Drugstore beauty products

Maybelline "Dream Fresh BB Cream" in Medium/Deep 

$6.29, available at Target

I'm very late to the BB game, but I did a lot of research before I decided on a cream to try out. I'd heard that this cream made skin a bit oily or shiny, but I tried it out anyway since my skin usually tends to be on the dryer side, especially in winter. Any hydration I can get from makeup is awesome for me. 

I'm glad I took the dive because I absolutely love how my skin feels and looks while wearing this BB cream. So much so, in fact, that I actually threw my bottle of foundation in the trash after two weeks of wearing the BB cream. OH YEAH, hard core. One of the big selling points with this BB cream is that it contains SPF, as well as loads of other good things for my skin. The other thing I really love about it is that there is some light coverage on my face when I wear it, but it still looks like my skin, and not like I've got caked on foundation. This cream is also very dewy and glowy.

Maybelline "Great Lash Mascara"

$3.99, available at Amazon

I'm pretty sure this may have been the very first mascara I ever used, and it's stood the test of time. That familiar green and pink tube is always in my makeup bag. I've tried loads of higher end mascaras like Dior's Diorshow and Benefit's Bad Gal Lash, (which I liked quite a bit) but for the price, Maybelline's product does it for me because there isn't much of a difference between the actual makeup itself.

Drugstore beauty products

Boots No. 7 "Beautiful Skin Everyday" Day Lotion for Normal/Dry Skin

$13.99, available at Target

I was looking for a new moisturizer and first found this formula in a cream. Creams tend to gross me out because I don't like sticking my fingers in a pot of product and then slathering it on my face. Lucky for me, it also came in a lotion in the form of a tube. The consistency of the lotion won me over. I've been using this moisturizer for about a month now and I have no complaints. It simply leaves my face feeling silky smooth and hydrated. I highly recommend it for people with dry/normal skin. 

NYX "Hot Singles Eye Shadow" in Heat

$4.99, available at Ulta

Lately I've been experimenting with eye shadow. It's usually the last thing I reach for when I'm doing my face because I have large eyes and therefore large eye lids as well. Sometimes it feels like too much makeup. I'm glad I took a risk because I actually LOVE how this orange-y red color looks against my skin! I like it to be a little bit opaque and not overbearing so I wouldn't recommend a layer of primer underneath to bring out the color. It's intense enough.