In Collaboration with Element: #InMyElement

Apneet Kaur is a music student and journalist. She was born in India, raised in California and now lives in beautiful New York City. This creative and talented heart is bringing a fresh new voice to the blogosphere. Her expressive honesty and innovation towards fashion has swept us off our feet, and we’re falling in love with the dark-haired beauty. She is taking the blogging world by storm, ‘Who is Apneet’ is the makings of her personal style diary, tea blog and photo journal. Apneet has found a way to find her own voice and make her own rules, and we’re loving every bit of it.
— Mia Parcell, Element Eden Australia Blog

This project has been a long time in the making so I'm beyond excited to finally start sharing with you all! Element Eden is a brand that is dear to my heart. I shopped their pieces when I was in middle school back home in California, finding perfection in soft cotton tees and denim shorts. Element was the first brand to make women's skate clothing, and have been paving the way for chick skaters ever since. That being said, it was a no-brainer to jump on board the "In My Element" project, with one of my dream brands.

Click here to read the full interview, in which I talk about California, Thelonius Monk, my boyfriend, working in a newsroom, and much more. More will be revealed in the coming months, so stay tuned as we take a ride with Element.