Letter to the Editor - Art & Beauty

Everything we create is certainly not meant to be beautiful, and may not possess the quality of beauty inherently. It's when we try and force our idea of beauty onto something that it becomes convoluted and essentially meaningless. Projecting the idea of beauty onto something that is naturally ugly, is a sin in itself when we can not appreciate things for how they are. Celebrate things for their ugliness, for they are just as valuable as something that holds beauty. Many times ugliness is more interesting and more "real."

My aim with this photo print was simply to produce a print that you wouldn't normally find on a postcard- something that is decaying and has a murky history. In response to my Postcard project, Guillan from Los Angeles writes: 

I’ve been contemplating what art means lately. I was raised to think of it in an aesthetic manner- a rather elementary viewpoint- but it is true; this is one of the criteria that I’ve unconsciously internalized. With more thought, however, I’ve come to realize that this is not the only factor in deciding whether or not something is deemed as art or not; I’ve come to see that art is just more than beautiful, more than simply pleasing to the eye or the ear or the soul. It is the submission to creation, it is the invocation of emotion and hidden meanings and truth in the eye of the beholder— and it is not always pretty. But that’s what makes it more powerful.

I’m not fully sure why I chose to share this with you, but I wanted you to know that I appreciate your art and think that you are quite lovely. Have a wonderful day!

Thank you for your thoughts, Guillan! I still have some prints left of the postcard project, so click here to sign up and receive your copy. If you have something to share, email hello@whoisapneet.com. 


Another photo I shot in Detroit, at the abandoned Packard Plant.