Death to Summer

This week I officially went back to school for the Fall semester, which means it's an opportune time to recap the summer. It's been a swell few months of sun.. Where to start?

Firstly, bodily harm:

  1. Emergency tooth extraction - planning on going to Brooklyn charm & putting it on a necklace
  2. Sprained ankle - try and skate the Manhattan bridge at night like an asshole
  3. Concussion - don't add a board to whiskey hangs, EVER

And then shit got bananas:

  1. Ended up in an underground biker lounge one night off the Morgan stop, but more on this later
  2. Got six new tattoos thanks to my dude Pete Chile
  3. Speaking of which, I have another appointment coming up!
  4. I started drinking matcha and it is AMAZING, pretty much life changing
  5. Still working on getting my motorcycle license, hope to be riding by October
  6. Ran through the fountain in Washington Square park at 4AM sans clothing... carrying a cactus, don't judge me just picture it and laugh

But really, some things I learned this summer:

  1. When you wake up thinking you have a massive hangover and it turns out to be  a head injury, you may be living a little too hard.
  2. Fall is here and that means books, tea, and studying music. It's a welcome change in weather and mindset as I shift back from ridiculous person to normal human.
  3. I like mushrooms! I've hated them all my life but now I'm a fan- does that make me an adult?