Postcard From Puerto Rico #3

No place for overalls in San Juan


Big Star USA


, Forever 21 bikini top, Bucco shoes, TKO


, TOMS sunglasses

My blog posts have been out of order with the days corresponding to PR. On the first day I arrived, I was wearing these overalls by Big Star USA, but as soon as I left the airport I needed to change into nothing else but beach wear. Luckily, I wore my suit underneath, so I set out straight for the water. My blunt bangs were sticking to my face so the summer side part was also necessary.

Not really knowing where I was going, I walked to a cafe nearby where I was staying, which was unfortunately closed due to the holiday. I spotted a bus stop and got on, hoping it would lead me closer to the beach. A little google searching and asking around helped me transfer to the correct transportation to get to the Atlantic.

Once to Condado, I made some friends on the beach, went swimming, and took some photos of the perfect water and surrounding areas. At the close of day, I retired back to my temporary home and slept with the weight of the world left behind in New York.

P.S- I've gotten some questions about how I take my own blog photos, so expect a post about that coming up soon!