Postcard From Puerto Rico #1

First impressions and observations from the island

Above are some images that I took on my iPhone yesterday during my first day on the island. I'm loving Puerto Rico so much that I know I have to spend an extended amount of time here at a later point. Everyone has a story here, and I've experienced extreme hospitality the short time I've been here.

After the flight in to San Juan I went to go meet up with my host. Immediately after I got out of the airport a thick and humid heat surrounded me. Hunter S. Thompson was not lying about the hot Puerto Rican heat. My first impressions of PR were that everyone owns a motorcycle, and there are lizards everywhere. In addition to the colorful homes and perfectly blue water, there is street art and graffiti at every turn.

After settling in to my temporary home, I took off for the beach. The public transit system here is difficult to navigate, but I didn't stray off course thanks to the help of some locals who spoke some English.

I found my way to Condado in the afternoon. After I got off the bus, I walked one block to the beach where the soft sand and warm water greeted me. I made friends on the beach, ate mofongo for dinner, and eventually headed home in light rainfall. I walked around in a bikini and sheer coverup, getting drenched in warm rain while my sunglasses kept fogging up due to the humidity. What's better?

At night the rain forgot to end, but I didn't mind it because it was so warm, and the greenery lush. I washed the beach off of my body and slipped on a dress and listened to a rainforest outside my kitchen windows before I fell asleep. The chirping birds seem to be speaking their own language here. They seem happier and more lively.

Anyhow, I'm off to do more exploring today, and can't wait to report back with more about this crazy place. Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend! As always, you can keep up with me through Instagram between blog posts.