10 Things About Me

Hi everyone! I usually try to answer your questions on Instagram and Twitter right away, but sometimes my feed goes all crazy and I miss the opportunity. I also wanted to take the chance to introduce myself to some of you newer readers who maybe haven't had the chance to check out the archives. Get the scoop on my style, selfies, music taste, school, NYC, and more! There might even be some wisdom in this post too, so do check it out.

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I don't take selfies, I'm too self conscious for that. I dare you to look at my Instagram as proof. There's one selfie there that I took last year, lol.


My style changes on a day to day basis. I don't really have any fashion icons. I take my inspirations from things like nature, anything French. I love Anna Karina, she's a babe. I'm inspired by my surroundings, buildings, texture. Gay Talese, one of my favorite authors, wore a suit every day, and I decided to buy a suit because of his stories. People don’t think literature can have an element of style, but certain authors like Raymond Chandler are meticulous in describing what a character in the story is wearing down the the feather in the hat. I pick and choose what trends I'm liking. I don't really shop at a lot of new stores, because I buy a lot of vintage.

I have these enormous, 10 sizes too big, denim camouflage overalls that I like to wear, because I feel like deer hunter or 90s rapper in them. I think fashion should be fun. Some bloggers take it really seriously, with the same a-line skirts and sky high heels and look like every other blogger. More power to you if that's what you like. I have a 90’s Walmart sweater that has been passed around among my friends, and sometimes I'll go weeks without taking it off. I love it for the associations and sentimental value as much as the look.


At the time I started blogging, I was a columnist and had just landed my first gig writing for a magazine. It eventually turned into a personal style blog when I started posting outfit photos.

Blogging has introduced me to new fashions, and new bloggers in real life, and online. Having started as a fashion journalist, it’s different to also write a “fashion blog” because people want to work with you on creating editorial content, which was a new thing for me. I was always reporting and giving my opinion on things happening in the fashion world, but with blogging, it’s a lot more personal.

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My mom and dad immigrated to California from India when I was very young to give my brother and I the brightest future possible. Knowing the struggles my parents went through to relocate definitely humbles me. I never spent much time or had any interest in India when I was younger because I just wanted to fit in here. It wasn’t until I was older that I wanted to reconnect with my heritage.

Growing up in California was a dream. I’d wish that childhood on any kid! I was always 2 hours or less away from any adventure possible. We could drive and end up at a beach, in snow, surf, or desert, out on a farm, or to a whole new city. There’s nothing not to love about Cali. Moving to New York was a big change, but I adjusted pretty quickly and went on pounding the pavement to see what I could do. 


Music has always been a big part of my life. It's my passion. I started playing the flute when I was 11, the bass at 13, and even learned the bassoon for a short stint in an orchestra at 15. I was also singing in large choral groups, and singing opera and jazz. When I went to college , there weren't many choices for young singers. The “in” is basically to study classical voice. I thought I might pursue opera, but it wasn't fitting into my lifestyle. Now I'm finishing my studies in flute, as an instrumentalist!


I’m completely inspired by women of the ‘60’s. Anna Karina is my spirit animal and Maria Callas is the epitome of glamour. This isn’t very fashion-centric, but it’s what means the most to me. Like any other girl, I do get excited about new trends and street style, but something about fashion is very personal. In that sense, I’ll always be sticking to my basic signatures (that are so for now), which are vintage inspired, classic, and grunge all at the same time.


Five years from now I hope that I’m happy and healthy and fighting the good fight.  I don't have a 5 year plan. Right now I'm taking opportunities as they come, especially if they're right for me. Even if they're not right for me, I might try them out. I'm paralyzed with fear the unknown, so I'd rather try something and fail than not to try at all. 

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I really enjoy spending time in my yard and my neighborhood in Brooklyn. My boyfriend and I exchange records and we love to talk about literature. He’s quite well read and has introduced me to many artists and books that have become some of my favorites. I love to go see live music and like to catch a show here and there when I can. I like discovering new places to eat and drink in NYC, and like to explore different neighborhoods too. My pug is kind of my BFF so sometimes I take him with me to bars or to brunch. He’s a great city dog, he likes riding the trains but he loves taking cabs, haha!


Rock and roll definitely inspires a lot of my style. I collect vintage band t-­shirts and wear sunglasses pretty much year round, haha. Jazz also inspires my looks sometimes. I love hats, and Thelonius Monk always wore a different one on stage. Plus I love all the ornate gowns and hairstyles of female jazz crooners, so elegant.


I’m looking forward to experimenting more with photography, I have a penchant for shooting film. I’m working on putting together some zines featuring my photos and writing, with tales of travels and also some stories right here from NYC.

Most of this writing is information I've divulged in various interviews, and I picked out my favorite bits to compile in this post. I hope you liked reading a little about me beyond the usual outfit post and "favorite (whatever fashion item)" I'm into at any given time. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write me below!

*Photos in this post were taken at Little Skips