nyc fashion blogger
nyc fashion blogger
nyc fashion blogger

I shot this on the first day of Spring in NYC with Phil. Here I sit posting the outfit well after summer has passed and Fall is in full spring. See what I did there? Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Follow along on my Instagram story - I posted today from Photoville and will be there again tomorrow!

Red Door Spa: Mint Julep Pedicure

red door spa pediucure
red door spa pediucure

Every time I visit the Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden at Union Square I walk away feeling so refreshed. Literally this time, as I got the Mint Julep Pedicure

When you arrive you're treated to a glass of wine or some cooling cucumber water. After changing into a cozy robe, you wait in a cozy lounge area until it's pamper time. What I love most about the Mint Julep Pedicure is the multi-step process. First, you get a salt scrub, followed by a massage with mint-julep and lavender shea butter. To soften the feet even further, a parrafin treatment is applied before your polish goes on.

I chose this neutral mauve-ish shade with gold sparkles by Essie. Thank you, Red Door Spa!

Ryan Adams & The Shining

brooklyn fashion blogger

Last week I saw Ryan Adams play Summerstage in Central Park. My friend Kayli and I had been anticipating this show for MONTHS. For me, Ryan's music has always been tied to a certain ex, who introduced "Heartbreaker" to me years ago. It was bittersweet seeing Ryan live - nonetheless one of the best shows I've ever been to. 

It's kind of funny how one can attach certain foods, places, songs, records.. art or anything to a certain person. My ex is turning 30 this year and I'm talking to boys on Tinder about Pokemon. Truth is, you shouldn't let heartache or heartbreak spoil the things you love.

Still, the reason I love Ryan Adams so much is the fact that he is such a god damn misfit. It's ok to be who you are, wherever you are in life, as long as you are doing what is making you happy. As long as you can unpack your feelings and instead of feeling sad or wistful, just enjoy those memories that are triggered when you hear "Come Pick Me Up." Ryan fucking Adams making me feel the feels, then making me feel okay about those feelings. What a guy.

#feels #feelings #allthefeels how many times can I say FEELINGS? Actually, there's a pretty good Spotify playlist titled ALL THE FEELS. You should check it out.

Oh, hi mom! Thanks for reading. Sorry not sorry 'bout putting my business on the internets.

vintage rings from the times vintage

I picked up these vintage rings from The Times Vintage, a shop my super gorgeous / artsy / talented / kind friend runs in North Fork on Long Island. Greenport, to be exact. I recently went out there and couldn't believe the last tmie was almost three years ago! Below are some moments from when I saw Liz last that I photographed on film.. when she was just starting out with her store. 

tradesman bar

Here's me at Tradesman on a sweltering hot day contemplating why the fuck I wore pants and trying not to appear visibly sweaty in this blog post.

Photographed by Cory Rice

FAB: Upgrade Your Everyday + $1,000 Shopping Spree

brooklyn fashion blogger

I'm really stoked to announce I've partnered with to give y'all a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree! See the details and enter here. Contest ends July 15th!

Fab is a destination for curated home goods, cute tech equipment, and much more. Below, I'm reviewing three of my favorite Fab essentials to #UpgradeYourEveryday.

Polaroid cube with WiFi from

HD Action Cube Camera with Wi-Fi by Polaroid

I was beyond jazzed to test out this tiny action cam. Carrying around my bulky DSLR for video is pretty tough, which is why I don't make much video content. With the Cube, however, I didn't need a heavy lens or tripod. It was just grab-and-go... so much fun! I can't recommend this camera enough. It records in HD and has Wi-Fi capabilities built right in. 

I took some test footage and chopped up a video I made with my Cube from a recent trip to the Hamptons, which you can watch below. I won't ever leave for a trip without my Cube again! Pssst... it also takes still photos, too!

Crosley turntable from
crosley turntable from

Once back to Brooklyn, I unboxed my Crosley turntable and took it to the park for some vinyl listening outside. It converts your records to digital so you can listen to them via your computer or phone. I have some pretty cool live recordings, one of them being the Beach Boys in Concert, so I was thrilled to be able to convert my records into a digital format. 

tassel lightning cable usb charging keychain by chic buds

Last, but not least, I picked out this tassel keychain that doubles as a phone charger! I can hook it to my bag so I don't have to carry around my phone charger (and I don't need an outlet to give my phone an extra boost of juice, either.) It has a handy charging cord for my iPhone in a chic package so I can keep snapping, 'gramming, and tweeting without interruption. 

How many times have to had to duck into a coffee shop or a bar for a charge? With one of these, those days are over. 

brooklyn fashion blogger

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